5 Ways To Get Rid Of And Keep Bugs Out

If pests and insects are acting as uninvited squatters or making themselves very much at home in your home, you need to do something about it. Luckily there are ways to prevent them from even coming in and ways to show them the door if they’ve already taken up residency. Put a couple of these bug-ridding tips to work and say “sayonara” to the little buggers.

1. Clean up. Keep food in zip-locked bags or sealed containers, especially baking essentials like sugar and flour. Take out the trash often—bugs love smelly leftovers. Clean up crumbs and spills right away and don’t let dirty dishes sit longer than a few hours.

2. Keep the house dry. Some bugs are drawn to damp, wet places, so keep your home dry as much as possible. Wipe spills on the floor and counters as soon as they happen, and fix leaky sinks, pipes, appliances and fixtures so that they don’t drip water. If you have any kind of flooding at all, take care of the wet spots immediately.

3. Call in the professionals. If you’ve got a really bad bug problem, feel free to call the pros. They know exactly what kinds of techniques and products to use that will wipe out the bugs but won’t be harmful to you whatsoever. Ant control services, exterminators, bee control services, whatever—you’ll notice a significant pest reduction in a short amount of time once you call in the experts from a company like Environmental Services Pest Control. 

4. Leave traps. This is especially effective if ants are the problem. Leave little liquid traps in places you’ve seen a lot of ants; the ants will get the toxic liquid on their bodies and will bring it back to their colonies, infecting other ants. There are other kinds of traps that work for spiders and roaches, etc, so look into those if those insects are more your problem. 

5. Get natural. If you’re in to a natural approach of ridding your home of insects, try sprinkling black pepper or baby powder in places you’ve seen lots of bugs. Some people swear by the two, and they are safe for family members and pets alike. However, one size does not fit all; not every bug will be bothered enough by pepper or baby powder to pack up and leave. There are natural remedies that work for different kinds of bugs, so look up a solution based on the insect and they should be gone in no time.

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