Three Things That Should Never Find Their Way Into Your Septic Tank

As a homeowner, there are those aspects of your property that are constantly demanding your attention. Then there are those that can take years of use and never cause alert unless there is a huge problem. Unfortunately, the septic system is one of the aspects that will suddenly be a nightmare and may not give any prior indication that there is an issue. The best advice to remember about the septic system is to always be aware of how you treat it. Paying close attention to what winds up in your septic tank is the best step in the right direction. Here are three things that should never make their way into your home’s septic tank.

Toilet Paper of the Wrong Kind

You probably already know that there are some things that just should not be flushed, but did you know that thee are certain types of toilet paper that are bad for the septic tank? Toilet paper that is unusually absorbent or several layers thick is not good for your septic tank. This can not only take up a lot of space in your tank, which can cause the need for more pumping than usual, but it can cause problems with clogs and drain lines as well.

Hazardous Chemicals

Unless inhabited by environmentally savvy residents, the average home is usually filled with hazardous chemicals. Paint thinner, nail polish remover, and insecticides are just a few. It is a fact that the average American household uses at least 25 gallons of hazardous or toxic chemical products in any given year. These products should always be properly disposed of, and flushing them down the toilet is the last thing that you want to do. Not only is this a danger to the environment, but chemical compounds can break down the concrete or fiberglass walls of your septic tank. This can cause a huge problem over time and be a very dangerous health threat to your home, and even your entire neighborhood.

Certain Household Cleaners

One of the most common toilet cleaners that a homeowner will use is bleach. While bleach does a good job at making the toilet look shiny and new, bleach is not good for your septic system. Much like other non-natural household cleaners, bleach has the ability to kill any and all bacteria that is present. A key component in the proper septic tank is the naturally present bacteria that allows for waste to break down over time. By using chemical cleaners that kill this active bacteria, you could be making your septic system work harder than it should.

Properly caring for your home is about making sure you attend to the components that are visibly demanding and those that are out of sight, such as your septic system. Knowing what should never be allowed to make its way into your septic tank is one of the most important things to learn to offer the best care for your home. If something seems to be wrong with your septic system, contact a professional service like Septic Technologies Inc.

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