What To Do If There Is Wildlife On Your Commercial Property

Operating a business can be tough enough, and it can become even more difficult if you have wildlife living on your commercial property. Although it might seem crazy, it’s not particularly abnormal for deer, ducks, squirrels, wild cats and many other types of animals to take up residence in some pretty strange places.

If you are dealing with this issue, you could be wondering how you can handle things properly for both the animals and your business. Luckily, following these steps can help you keep the problem under control while still operating a successful establishment.

Contact Animal Control Immediately

Although you might think that ignoring the problem is the best course of action, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you only see one or two wild animals on your property, it’s generally best to call animal control immediately. Having these animals removed from your property is best for you, your customers and the animals, and it can also help reduce the chances of the wild animal population growing on your property.

Have Your Property Examined

If you haven’t had one done, it’s a good idea to hire a professional contractor to come out and do an environmental analysis on your property. During this analysis, it can be determined why these wild animals have chosen your property as a place to live, and you can find out more about how to make your establishment a little bit less appealing to these creatures.

Make Your Property Less Appealing

Make sure that you make your property as unappealing as possible to these creatures. Discourage your customers and employees from feeding the animals, and consider setting up humane traps — if legal in your area — to help keep them at bay.

Installing fencing is often a good option for keeping wild animals off of your property, or you can install motion lighting and other light fixtures around your property. Many wild animals will stay away if your property is too well-lit, so this is a good and humane option for keeping them away.

Obviously, you can’t really operate a safe and successful business with too much wildlife around. You probably also don’t want to do anything to harm the animals that are involved. Luckily, following these tips can help you cut down on the wildlife that resides on your commercial property, and you won’t have to feel bad about the way that you’ve handled things, either.

To learn more, contact a company like Neilson Research Corporation with any questions or concerns that you might have.

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