3 Energy Efficient Lighting Options For Your Home

If you’re trying to lower your light bill, look at the lighting options installed in your home. Many homes still use archaic incandescent light bulbs in ceiling fixtures and lamps. You can lower your energy consumption by switching those bulbs out for better options. Here are the three leading energy efficient lighting options for your home.


Product designers figured out how to scrunch down the power of long fluorescent lights into a light bulb sized package. These tightly coiled devices, called compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, are just as bright as incandescent bulbs without the extreme energy consumption. CFL bulbs fit under nearly any ceiling or lamp based fixture. The bulbs screw right into place and work exactly the same as their outdated counterparts.


You can increase the light intensity by using light emitting diode, or LED, lights in place of CFL or incandescent bulbs. The LED lights use a big panel of tiny individual bulbs to replicate the amount of light produced by a large single bulb. As a result, you can get LED lights in nearly any shape or size. You will usually need to remove the associated light fixture and replace it with one designed for LED lights. The energy savings trump the effort it takes.

Sun Tunnel

You can eliminate the use of electric lighting during daylight hours by having a few sun tunnels installed in the ceiling. Although this option works best for the highest level in your house, you can have long mirror-lined sun tunnels installed in the lower portions of your home as well. You’ll need to have the tunnels snaked through the walls to keep them hidden from view. Sunlight streams through the tunnels to illuminate the room below as if you turned on a bulb filled with natural light.

Combining Options

There’s no reason you cannot use all three of the above options for different areas of your home. Consider the activities performed in each room to figure out which bulbs to buy. Soft lighting from CFL bulbs work well for areas designed for rest and relaxation. You can place high intensity LED bulbs in cooking and reading areas that require bright lights. Sun tunnels give nearly any room an illumination boost to complement any light scheme you have installed there.