3 Energy Saving Light Switches For Your Home

Although the bulb type you install controls how much energy you use, the switch type also plays a role in this equation. You can lower your energy consumption by using switches that control the light intensity and automatically activate the lights. You do not have to install these throughout your home. Just a few well-placed switches will make a serious difference in your power consumption.


You can change the ambiance in your bedroom, dining area, or sitting room by installing a dimmer switch. The dimmer turns the lights up and down in the given range to save power as well. If you’re just visiting and relaxing with friends, you can turn the dimmers down to halfway to save on power without making the room too dark. You can always briefly turn up the lights for craft projects or a round of cards if you need extra light.

Magnetic Switches

Your closets and pantries will benefit from the addition of magnetic light switches. Instead of searching for the switch to turn it on, and forgetting to turn it off, you can simply open the door and have the light turn on. Since these areas lack natural light, you almost always need to switch on the light, so this option won’t cost you more on your energy bills. In fact, since it saves you from forgetting to turn off the lights, it’ll likely save you money in the end.

Motion Sensors

You can install motion sensor-based lights outside, in the garage, hallways, and entryways to give you and your guests light as needed. The lights will switch on as soon as someone enters that area and turn back off afterward. You’ll only use power to illuminate that area when needed, eliminating power consumption when the room is empty.

Fitting Your Home

Have the switches installed by a professional to make sure they activate the right lights at the right times. You do not want the switches turning on accidentally, as that could end up costing you more in the long run. Your dimmer switches will need to be calibrated by hand to keep the lights from flickering at the lowest setting. By having a professional do the work, you ensure you can just enjoy the savings without headaches caused by installation issues.