About Peony Garis

Hey there, I’m Peony. I grew up on a farm far from the wonders of electronics and appliances. My mother and grandmother taught me to do everything from washing to cooking by hand. We even used candles at night, since our home didn’t have ceiling-based light fixtures and my parents didn’t want lamps in their home. Although the technology was available, my family was set in their ways.

As I aged, electronics and appliances began filling my friends’ homes. I begged my parents to make the switch, but they stayed with what they knew. Eventually, I moved out and obtained a wide range of appliances of my own. I still do some things by hand for tradition’s sake – especially kneading, mixing, and rolling dough – but electronics do most of my work for me these days. At first I was shocked to discover all that electricity needed to run my devices cost a lot of money. As a result, I started looking into ways to reduce my energy bill while still enjoying my comforts.

I began trying out new light bulb and switches to save money on my electricity bill. I also looked into ways that would lower my energy consumption with very little effort on my parts. I made this site to share my findings on energy conservation. I want everyone to know how to lower their energy consumption to keep the Earth in good shape. With so much information available online, I believe there’s no reason anyone should waste electricity. Come back to my site often to learn more about energy conservation.